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Our Core Values

Social Goal

To expand and exert positive influence in all our social circles.

Health Goal

To adopt healthy lifestyle in order to achieve better quality of life and realise our dreams.

Financial Goal

To provide a professional platform to achieve financial freedom and master the abilities to meet market demands.

Family Goal

To help more families seek and achieve happiness in creating warm and loving family environment.

Mental Goal

To cultivate the right thoughts, and constantly enrich and master ourselves to achieve a higher level of thinking.

Spiritual Goal

To attain the spirit of Integrity, Righteousness and Positivity so as to achieve spiritual wealth and become a trustworthy person.

Our Vision

To establish a good example in the industry and become the top global direct selling enterprise.

To develop RIWAY’s market in every corner of the world.

Why Partner with Us?


Our 3 Products are Revolutionary and Unique

  • Our products are in exponential demand in the current and future health and beauty market.
  • We have over 5 million consumers to date.
  • Our health supplements are safe for consumption and are approved by NZ food safety association.
  • Founded in 2008.
  • Grossed over $1 billion worth of sales annually.

Our Company Practice

  • We advocate ethical practice.
  • We are people centric. We believe in educating and grooming our people first, then the business will automatically follow.
  • We have transparent commission structure and sales system that fully supports distributors, ensuring your success in building your inheritance not just income.
  • Membership is for life. (So choose who you team up with wisely)
  • There are no monthly maintenance or resets on your previous hard work.
  • There are no minimum sales target.
  • You determine your own income and the pace you want to grow your business.
  • Low start up capital.

People Centered Culture

  • We provide weekly individual and group training on product, product opportunity presentation, testimonial sharing and business skills.
  • We believe in team work — A business culture where friendly associates will give 101% support (share experience & testimonies) to aide you in your growth and success in your journey.

Personal Growth

  • Progression from humble novice, to becoming a leader of your team and ultimately leader of teams of leaders as a personal progression in this business. (Speed of progression depends largely on individuals)
  • Learn to embrace healthy living.


  • You own the business.
  • You keep what you build over time for life.

Succession Planning

  • Pass on your legacy to your loved ones when its time.

In Summary:

  • Auto membership on first purchase
  • Lifetime Membership / Distributorship
  • Low start up capital
  • High income potential
  • No maintenance fee
  • No inventory stock up
  • Flexible sales target
  • Own 3 Biotechnologically Revolutionary products
  • Great health benefit
  • Team and individual mentorship
  • Great international market potential
  • Weekly business community support
  • Business ownership
  • Building your own legacy

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