First of all I'd like to apologise for the confusion caused by the many similar yet different websites out there.

Secondly, allow me to explain by starting with the definition of Direct Sales - Direct sales or direct selling is a method of selling where the distributor contacts the customer directly (or customer contacts the distributor) via referral, online advertisements, informational websites like, vice-versa, and sell products in non-retail environments that involves face to face meeting either through online meeting via zoom and other similar platforms (especially when buyer and the distributor lives in different countries), at their home or public places.

RIWAY International is a direct sales company which means the products that are offered by RIWAY such as Purtier Placenta, Conscientious Essence Spray and Facial Mask are only available and sold directly through its authorised independent distributors like myself using as my avatar in the virtual space along with other non-ecommerce sites.

The majority of us today are interconnected via the world wide web. Through the variety of PURTIER and CONSCIENTIOUS related websites, you can experience to some extent, different distributors, each comes with their individual style, personality and character.

So the ultimate choice of whom you wish to deal with belongs to you alone, just go with the site you are most comfortable with. If you are comfortable with our style at PURTIERFOREVER and would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us.

Some tips to go by as a consumer:-

  1. Always request for face to face meeting (whether physically or virtually via eg. ZOOM, Skype, etc) because this is the safest way you can purchase RIWAY products with quality assurance.

  2. Do not disclose personal or bank details, unless you are comfortable and feels that the distributor or representative is reliable and trustworthy.

  3. Do not succumb to offers as they always come with other conditions.

  4. RIWAY International does offer promotions from time to time but these are rare and few in between.

  5. Choose who you like to deal with wisely as RIWAY offers ONLY LIFE-TIME membership whether as a consumer or an independent distributor.

  6. Do your research and do not fall for short term benefits in exchange for a life time of pain.

  7. Never buy without first meeting the independent distributor face to face for obvious reasons (this actually protects both the consumer and the independent distributor from unnecessary headaches).

RIWAY International Group does not support nor sell any products directly via any website or any internet platform. Distributors of RIWAY International are strictly prohibited from selling any RIWAY products directly via any online means.

RIWAY Distributors do not sell RIWAY products without a face to face meeting.
RIWAY Distributors do not sell RIWAY products without a face to face meeting.