PURTIER Placenta

PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition Oral Live Stem Cell Therapy

Revolutionary. Age-Defying. Transcending the Passage of Time.

Defy ageing, protect and improve your health with PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition Oral Live Stem Cell therapy, which utilizes cutting edge technology to merge the restorative powers of deer placenta's active live cells with supercharged nutrient rich ingredients for a uniquely formulated stem cell health supplement.

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PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition

Why Stem Cell Therapy?


Over our lifetime, the cells in our bodies degenerate due to environmental pollution, unhealthy diet, stress of life, EMF radiation, lack of sleep and natural ageing. Therefore, we become more susceptible to developing chronic illnesses and lifestyle related diseases.

As a result, many of us rely on vaccines, drugs, health supplements, exercise, healthy diets and even meditation in the hopes of recovering our lost health.

However, since we are made up of a variety of living cells, one might ask, isn't the use of Stem Cells the most effective way to repair, recover, regenerate our health and even reverse the ageing process...?

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are active cells which have the ability to duplicate and potentially form specialised cells in order to repair, regenerate and replace damaged cells in our body.


Stem cell therapy is one of the oldest, safest and natural way of improving and restoring our health. Stem cell therapy in various forms have been practiced since early days of mankind. From ingesting bones, tissues of animals (both raw and brewed) and herbs, to modern day treatments like live-cell injections, adult stem cell transplants and oral stem cell supplements.

It used to be one of the best kept secrets by the rich, the famous and the powerful, with little to no access and largely unaffordable by majority.

Until recently, when former president Obama publicly signed the executive order to reverse the ban on funding embryonic stem cell research on 9 Mar 2009, many medical breakthroughs and discoveries in the areas of embryonic stem cell research and therapy were made. One of these breakthroughs is our PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition Oral Live Stem Cell Therapy a highly nutritious and potent health food supplement.


PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition Oral Live Stem Cell Therapy

Founded in 2008, our company RIWAY has made stem cell therapy affordable, readily accessible and easy to administer by anyone with PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition Oral Live Stem Cell Therapy in the form of Stem Cell Health Supplement, while maintaining the effectiveness of conventional stem cell treatments.


Over the years, we have gained the trust of millions around the world with PURTIER Placenta stem cell health supplement, merging cutting-edge technology with nature’s nutritional gifts.

Through constant research, refining and enhancing, always seeking to surpass all our previous editions, we proudly present to you our best and finest yet, PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition, an all rounded stem cell health supplement containing fresh deer placenta live stem cell1 extracts and proteins to reverse the ageing process, rejuvenate degenerated cells, trigger healthy cell production, boost immunity against infections and diseases, revitalize and restore the body back to youthful vigor.

Moreover, our fresh deer placenta live stem cell extracts are combined with 11 other carefully researched and optimised blend of unique and nutrient-rich ingredients that will further boost our immunity against infections and diseases, and to provide total nutrition and peace of mind to our consumers.

Over 5 million of our consumers to date are enjoying the benefits and continue to see improvement over their health conditions with our well balanced stem cell health supplement without any known side effects.

1. Live stem cells from fresh deer placenta are extracted and stored immediately, after the fawn is born. Both the doe and fawn are unharmed during the whole natural process.

What Are The Benefits Of Consuming PURTIER Placenta?


The benefits of consuming PURTIER Placenta stem cell health supplement over time will support and maintain healthy cardiovascular functions, cholesterol level, blood pressure, hormonal balance, joints, looking skin, weight loss, immune system, muscle tone, fatigue level, metabolism and youthful vigor.

Having stem cell therapy has never been made simple, affordable, non-invasive and efficacious, so start your plan to heal your body and recover your health, repair and regenerate your damaged DNA, boost your natural immunity and protect your body against infections and diseases, reduce inflammation, improve your chances of recovery from a critical illness and regain your life and youthful vigor today!

Treat yourself with our PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition Oral Live Stem Cell Therapy a highly nutritious and potent stem cell health supplement to experience its goodness at your convenience! Get in touch to find out about our latest offers!

Have a look at some testimonies from our consumers.

What Makes PURTIER Placenta Stem Cell Health Supplement So Efficacious?

While there are different ways to obtain the benefits of stem cell treatments, improvements are constantly made over time as our knowledge and understanding over stem cell function advances together with the availability of the latest nano technology, always seeking to make stem cell therapy safer, affordable, easier to administer and just as effective without compromising quality.

What sets PURTIER Placenta Stem Cell Supplement apart from the rest is due to our tenacious approach towards our encapsulation technology and carefully researched, well-balanced and scientifically proven formula, maintaining the highest quality and efficacy while at the same time making stem cell therapy affordable for everyone.

Our 5 Technologies

Our 5 Technologies

Learn more about the 5 technologies employed in our capsules to ensure optimal absorption.

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Our 12 Unique Ingredients

Our 12 Unique Ingredients

Discover our 12 unique ingredients meticulously paired for your health.

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Why Are There So Many Similar PURTIER And CONSCIENTIOUS Related Sites?


First of all I'd like to apologise for the confusion caused by the many similar yet different websites out there.

Secondly, allow me to explain by starting with the definition of Direct Sales - Direct sales or direct selling is a method of selling where the independent distributor directly contacts the customers (or customer contacts the distributor) via referral, online advertisements, informational websites like PURTIERFOREVER.com, vice-versa, and sell products in non-retail environments that involves face to face meeting either through online meeting via zoom and other similar platforms (especially when buyer and distributor lives in different countries), at their home or public places.

RIWAY International is a direct sales company which means the products that are offered by RIWAY such as Purtier Placenta, Conscientious Essence Spray and Facial Mask are only available and sold directly through its authorised independent distributors like myself using PURTIERFOREVER.com as my virtual extension in the online space along with other non-ecommerce distributor sites.

Since the majority of us today are interconnected via the world wide web, the variety of PURTIER and CONSCIENTIOUS related websites are an online representation of different distributors with distinct style, personality and character.

So the ultimate choice of whom you wish to deal with belongs to you alone, just go with the site you are most comfortable with. If you are comfortable with our style at PURTIERFOREVER and would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us.

RIWAY International Group does not support nor sell any products directly via any website or any internet platform. Distributors of RIWAY International are strictly prohibited from selling any RIWAY products directly via any online means.

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